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Survivor, Veteran, Officer, Detective, Graduate, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Author, and Philanthropist Carlotta Taylor is a Powerhouse of Purpose.
Her story begins as many do. She grew up in an environment of misfortune and distress. Parental abuse funneled her into a system of uncertainty, torment, and misery. By the age of 12, little Carlotta thought that the best way to survive life, was to end it. After a failed suicide attempt and upon aging out she decided to fight against systemic statistics of foster youth transitional demise. Over 25 foster homes & shelters later, she found a home in the United States Army.

 In the military, Carlotta’s strength and discipline were sharpened. After 6 years as an Army Reservist, she joined the ranks of the United States Air Force. There was supposed to be safety and security. It turned out that trauma had an address everywhere. Not content with remaining in yet another system of adversity, Carlotta decided that positioning herself where she could make a difference that she could see and affect was her next move. She became a police officer.


 For over 15 years Carlotta became a player in the law enforcement system. Moving through the ranks from officer to child protective detective to homicide detective, she found herself wanting more. Sure, she had a 100% trial conviction rate, Yes, she had been promoted and proven herself worthy of awards and accolades. Daily, she touched the lives of people in the same situations she experienced. She was still hungry. Just incarcerating child abusers wasn’t enough. There had to be more.

The lioness was no longer content being a defenseless lamb. She knew when to growl and when to scratch. There was a system that she had not yet been a part of. Carlotta became a federal officer. This experience would put her in front of people and into rooms where her firsthand experience could not be ignored. Carlotta Taylor took full advantage of every skills training available. She excelled, as usual, and soon began to speak to instances and efforts through prayer and purpose.

Carlotta knew that purpose without preparation was sure to temper the embers burning within. She wanted to be more than another pretty flame that lit the area in closest proximity to it. She wanted to be the fire whose embers burned souls and warmed hearts. She wanted her fire to light the night sky of the hopeless. Carlotta attended and graduated from Belhaven University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Services and a Master of Science & Leadership. While there she found something that she’d never had, sisterhood. Carlotta had found her tribe in the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

Now, not only had she found her voice, Ms. Taylor knew that she had everything she needed to build her village. A village that would ignite, support, engage, and enlighten survivors and fighters just like her. She founded, Somebody Step In, a nonprofit organization focused on foster youth. From there she developed a program called, “Carlotta Taylor Gets to The Heart of the Matter”, which brought her to the forefront as host. Through these ventures she has risen to the attention of various major media outlets. ABC, The CW, mentioned on The Tamron Hall Show and more.
Carlotta’s story is still being written. She knew that the world needed her. The Lord told her to share her story. Carlotta authored, “No More Flinching,” a survivor’s tale for the abused. Awards and titles soon followed. In 2021 she won the Best of Mississippi Entrepreneur of the Year award. This sparked what is now her greatest undertaking to date, the Recast Your Life Academy. Through corporate trainings, workshops, coaching, and mentorship she travels internationally assisting those who wish to turn their pains into profits. Carlotta Taylor is propelling anyone who would also like to be a Powerhouse of Purpose.


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